About Us

Prairie Fire Lady Choir (PFLC) is a Twin Cities-based, a cappella singing group of sixty members who raise their collective voices across the state in support of art, community, and creativity. 

Formed in 2010, Prairie Fire Lady Choir offers a supportive, fun, and educational environment to explore musical passions. PFLC performs unique arrangements of songs by Leonard Cohen, Twisted Sister, Fleetwood Mac, Kimbra, Metallica and Bill Withers, among others. The choir has performed at a wide variety of events and venues throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

We strive to demonstrate fairness, justice, equity, and respect by being open to different voices and perspectives, developing an understanding of different cultures, experiences and communities, and making a conscious effort to be welcoming, helpful and respectful to everyone. In that inclusive spirit, we amplify causes we care about, including but not limited to social justice, women’s rights, racial justice, environmental justice, and LGBTQ rights. We know there is always room for growth, and that to be successful, this work must be authentic, consistent, and continual.

The Extraordinary History of Prairie Fire Lady Choir


“This rock ’n’ roll-flavored vocal group balances cool, casual fun with rich emotional depth.”

-Chris Riemenschneider, StarTribune

Collaborations include:

  • PaviElle
  • Katy Vernon
  • Aby Wolf
  • Roma di Luna
  • Sarah White
  • Chris Koza
  • Cantus
  • The Nightingale Trio
  • Rogue Valley
  • Roe Family Singers
  • Matt Latterell
  • Murder of Bros
  • Absolutely Cuckoo: Minnesota Covers the 69 Love Songs
  • The Annual David Bowie Tribute: Rebel Rebel Rock for Pussy


Photo by Anna Grinets
Logo by Nicollazzi Xiong