🔥 Prairie Fire Lady Choir is Back! 🔥

The members of Prairie Fire Lady Choir rehearsing


Dear friends,
After nearly 18 months of virtual rehearsals, Prairie Fire Lady Choir is singing together once again! We had fun on Zoom, but are grateful to be rehearsing in person instead of virtually. (Note: we are continuing to put safety at the forefront, requiring our members to be vaccinated and to wear masks at rehearsals.)

Looking Ahead to 2022

What’s more exciting than rehearsing together? Performing together! We are thrilled to announce that we’re performing at the Art Shanty Projects in early 2022.

The Art Shanty Projects

The Art Shanty Project was our last performance in 2020 before Covid struck, and we’re excited to get back into live performances at one of our favorite events. We hope you join us for this full circle moment!

PFLC performs on January 29. Exact time TBD. Watch our website or the Art Shanty Projects website for more information.

Give to the Max!

Give to the Max image

Like many arts organizations, the pandemic significantly disrupted our operations and finances. As we head into the 2022 season and *fingers crossed* more regular rehearsals and performances, we’ll gratefully accept any donations that are sent our way. We’re participating in Give to the Max Day on November 18 – visit our GiveMN page for information or to donate!


As much as we love welcoming new members into the choir, we have decided not to hold auditions for the 2022 season. With so many current members who have yet to experience a regular season, and with the uncertainty of the pandemic, it makes the most sense to wait until the world is a little less…unusual.

Finale Retrospective

The PFLC season finale is not just a showcase of our repertoire, but an opportunity to collaborate with our local music scene. Each year, we reach out to our dream collaborator and hope that they too, want to work with us. Together, we come up with a vision and at the end of the year we execute that vision, one time only, before a live audience.

It’s been two years since our last finale performance and we’re missing it, deeply.
Take a trip down memory lane with us and enjoy some epic songs and amazing local talent from years past!

2013 Season Finale
While Prairie Fire lady choir has been around since 2010 and performing finale concerts since 2011, this is the first performance to be caught on camera. Here we are at The Cedar Cultural Center singing our rep as well as Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love” with Matt Latterell and “Birds Are Always“, an original song by Haley

Song Birds
In 2013, PFLC received a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council grant to work with Aby Wolf on an original song-writing project. During the off-season, choir members wrote 14 new songs! These songs, along with many others, were performed at the 2014 finale concert held at the Cedar.

Sound Waves
Our 2015 collaboration with the delightful dudechoir Murder of Bros took place at The Cedar Cultural Center and included a rowdy rendition of “Women and Men” by They Might Be Giants and “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill. In fact, we loved the latter so much that we incorporated it into our repertoire!

So Contagious
Our friend Matt Latterell joined us again in 2016, this time at McNally Smith, for a reprise of “Satellite of Love as well as “Busby Berkeley Dreams” by The Magnetic Fields. Lyrics from Matt’s original song “Run to the Window generated our show title So Contagious and boy does that have a different meaning today!

Anthems and Monuments
2017 was a big year with lots of new music made possible by another MRAC grant. We joined forces with Chris Koza, who wrote an entire suite of music inspired by water. We performed this set only twice. Once, at the intimate North Garden Theatre followed by an encore performance at Grace Trinity Community Church.
Set 1 with Chris Koza
Set 2 PFLC

Heart Break Open
Back at the Cedar for our 2018 season finale! This year we performed a soulful rendition of “River” by Leon Bridges with our collaborator Sarah White.

Months of Moon
We had so much fun in 2019 at our last finale performance! We always feel at home at the Cedar Cultural Center and our collaborator PaviElle was on fire! Highlights from the show include Heart’s “Magic Man“, and “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Check out our website for the latest details on all our activities or keep track of our doings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We miss you and hope you are well!

Prairie Fire Lady Choir