2018 Audition Information- Good News and Bad News 16

Prairie Fire Lady Choir is not, unfortunately, holding auditions for the 2018 season.

We did not reach this decision lightly because we LOVE having auditions and meeting all of the amazing  kick ass ladies in the Twin Cities. We arrived at this decision after much thought because we had so many members returning this year, and even a few who took a few years off and now wish to return. We  now have 60 committed members, and have learned from the last few seasons that we operate best when we do not exceed 60 members in our all volunteer, self directed choir.

We know this news is disappointing. To put it in perspective, there are already 93 ladies who have asked to be on our audition mailing list throughout 2017.  That is 93 ladies who want to sing, and we think that is awesome. We would love to help you pave a path forward so if  you are interested in connecting with other ladies on this list to start a new choir or ensemble, please let us know (prairiefireladychoir@gmail.com). We will not share anyone’s email who does not write to us with this request.

PFLC started in 2010 with just a few ladies who wanted to start a choir. They recruited a handful of other singers, and got together in each other’s home to stretch, dream and sing. We were sponsored by Springboard for the Arts, which is a great organization that has several resources available if you are interested in starting your own choir!  We would be happy to help guide a group of women on how to get started and to share any resources that we have used along our journey. The world needs more lady choirs!

Thank you, and best wishes for the new year.


Prairie Fire Lady Choir Audition Committee

16 thoughts on “2018 Audition Information- Good News and Bad News

  1. Reply Melody Luepke Mar 29,2017 9:46 am

    Hello lovely lady singers!

    I am definitely interested in auditioning for the 2018 season. Would you please put me on the mailing list for when that happens?

    Congratulations on performing with Cantus; that should be spectacular.



    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir Apr 8,2017 7:29 am

      I have added your email to the mailing list so you will be able to receive occasional updates! We also post audition information on our Facebook page as well as here on the website in January.

  2. Reply Jodi Gersh Apr 17,2017 11:46 am

    I am soo bummed I missed auditions. I just moved to MN from the DC area and definitely want to be on the list for 2018. Please add me? Thank you and I look forward to attending some of your shows.

    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir May 10,2017 7:45 am

      We will add you to our email list! Auditions are most often held in January and we post links on our website and Facebook page.

  3. Reply Louise Miner Aug 13,2017 10:52 am

    I JUST learned about your choir! You are fabulous!
    Please put me on your email list. I am interested in your auditions for 2018. Thanks so much!

    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir Sep 2,2017 9:48 am

      Thank you! We will add you to our mailing list. Auditions are generally in January and we post info here and on Facebook!

  4. Reply Jane Nilan Sep 5,2017 2:59 pm

    Hi — Could one of your board members email or call
    me? I sing with the Edina Chorale (approx. 75-80
    members) in SW Mpls/Edina. We are currently exploring
    our identity & I am on the board’s transition group….
    So, just a few questions about your organization.
    Many thanks. Jane Nilan (c: 612-839-4089) or
    Email below.

  5. Reply Michelle Newman Sep 6,2017 1:53 pm

    Hi there – I just learned about your group and would be very interested in auditioning in 2018. Please add me to your email/notification group. Thank you and I look forward to hearing more in the future!

    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir Oct 2,2017 7:43 am

      You can sign up for our newsletter on the website and keep an eye on our website and social media for updates about audition information. We usually hold them in January.

  6. Reply Martina Oct 4,2017 2:04 pm

    Hi, I am looking to get back into a choir I have been out for a few years and my old choir instructor informed me about you guys! I would love to audition for 2018! Please add me to your Email list! Hope to here from you guys!
    Thank You !

  7. Reply Claudia Callaghan Dec 17,2017 10:56 am

    Hi! Please place me on the mailing list for tryouts in early 2018. I sing, write songs and would love to be in the prairie fire lady choir. Many thanks!

    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir Jan 1,2018 8:27 am

      Claudia- We are not, unfortunately, having auditions this year because we have no open spots in the choir. We sent an email out to people on our “audition notification” email list explaining this in further detail and would be happy to send this your way if you provide us with your email address. We are offering to help connect ladies who are on this email list with one another in case they would like to start a new choir or ensemble. Please let us know if you want to be connected to these ladies. Thank you and we hope you have a song filled 2018!

  8. Reply Minneapplemom Jan 2,2018 9:33 pm

    Hello, it sounds like a lot of professional and talented singers want to be a part of your group- as they should be. I have seen and enjoyed your performances they were moving and inspiring. I like to sing and can sing on key. Otherwise I have no training. I would say my singing is acceptable, although my oldest child always tells me to stop my youngest likes it. I am interested in being part of a group that might take an alto. Especially if they are not going to be singing religious or Christian music. I’m a Jew and I had enough of that in elementary school and middle school choir to last the rest of my life. Thanks for your music, and for the art. Annie

    • Reply Prairie Fire Lady Choir Feb 19,2018 5:51 pm

      Annie- Unfortunately we are not holding auditions this year because we are at capacity with current and returning members! Our founding members started this choir in 2010 with a handful of friends who wanted to sing together! They used Springboard for the Arts to help them figure out how to create a non profit. Good Luck! PFLC

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