Lady of the Week – Sarah Troedson Haynes

Sarah Joy Troedson Haynes, the First

Soprahno II

How long have you been in the choir?

Just a little baby bit of 6 months!

What’s your favorite PFLC song?

I love Wildewoman. And Run to the Window.

What’s your favorite thing about being in this choir?

Being part of PFLC makes me feel inspired and hopeful and…happy. And understood. And part of something that matters. And part of something that both fills me up and draws me out in the exact way I have needed filling and drawing at this time in my life, and that says, “hey, we need you here right now. You, yes you.” The more I get to know this group, the more I am impressed and inspired by the joyful, artful variety of one-of-a-kind women I am rubbing elbows with each week, who are doing creative, difficult, purposeful things with their lives or jobs or hobbies. And to be part of a group that pushes each other to be better – gently, firmly, lovingly, with strength and power and vigor and verve and humor and awkwardness. Ha! It’s the feeling you get while standing in a quiet street under a thick, warm rain shower on an early, temperate morning – and good hair and dry clothes be damned. Amirite?

What do you like to do outside of choir?

Karaoke, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, number puzzles, nature walks with my family, traveling to unusual places both local and international, esp with my family. Watching political youtube clips or religious cult documentaries with my husband. Truthfully I work soooo much. I kind of squeeze in the rest of my life around my job (as International Accounting Manager at CHS Inc). Which I fortunately generally really enjoy my job, but work/life balances is a bit off-kilter.

Who are your favorite local bands/musicians?

Not local, but I am really jonesing on a multitude of David Byrne tunes these days. I also love Richard Thompson, and Guided by Voices is a default setting at our house. Local – I’m an old-time fan of Martin Devaney and I like Atmosphere and was recently introduced to Heiruspecs. I like Roe Family Singers. And Mike Gunther is amazing. Also love local radio! I love radio station Radio K 100.7 FM “real college radio”. It is THE BEST place to hear interesting, weird new music. Not always local music, true – but always fresh and different.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

You’re killing me with the singular nouns here. Karaoke is my hobby, man. My soundman husband has set up karaoke in our basement so we are always at the mic. Depending on my mood, you may hear What’s Up (4 Non Blondes), I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), Con Te Partiro (Bocelli/Brightman), My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion), Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas), Let it Go (Frozen), Candy (Iggy Pop – duet with my hubs), I Dreamed a Dream (and other Les Mis), Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (and other Evita), Heartbreaker (Pat Benetar), Magic Man (Heart) and a small handful of Carpenters and Joni Mitchell and other Disney and B’way showtunes. I can’t choose just one! #divadonna

Describe yourself in three words

Get. Shit. Done.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I think I would want the movie about my life to be one of those European art house films with all the action occurring in a single room over a period of years, and there’s a lot of important dialogue that drives the plot so if you don’t listen carefully, you’re screwed. So I would need to be played by some lesser-known Euro actress who can get the right blend of quirky self-confidence amid overly-frequent social anxiety. She could have a sexy French accent as a point of artistic license. I would sign off on that.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

At peace with the choices I’ve made.

Photo courtesy of Anna Grinets

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