Rock of Ages- St Louis Park Magazine

We are featured in this month’s issue of St Louis Park Magazine. PFLC lady and resident of St Louis Park, Amy Wilkerson spoke with Lauren Sauer this spring about our comings and goings in the Twin Cities.

A few corrections from the article: Although we performed in Golden Valley on July 9th in the “Friday’s in the  Valley” series of concerts at Vally Presbyterian Church , we are not based there. Our practice space is in Richfield and we hail from all over the Twin Cities.  At the time the article was written, we did not have our season’s schedule in place. You can find out what we are up to right here on our website or sign up to receive our newsletter.  The next opportunity to hear us sing will be on July 18th at Wolfe Park (in St Louis Park!) when we participate in the next Justice Choir event.

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