Staying Connected in 2020

Dear friends,

How we have missed you and each other in these strange times!  Though we’ve made the difficult but prudent decision to not rehearse and not perform for all of you this year, we are staying connected to one another and cannot wait for times ahead when we can share our songs with you again.  You can see us being our silly selves in the above picture of one of our virtual Zoom rehearsals, featuring some of our 16 new members’ beautiful faces!

A Look Back at 2019

We were honored to collaborate with local powerhouse PaviElle in our 2019 finale Months of Moon, held last November at the Cedar Cultural Center.  We premiered two new pieces: Under The Bridge originally performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Magic Man, originally performed by Heart.  Check out our performance here and don’t blame us if you can’t get this music out of your head!

“Magic Man” – PaviElle and the Prarie Fire Lady Choir
“Under The Bridge” – PaviElle and the Prairie Fire Lady Choir


photo credit: SisuPhoto

Making Meaningful Change in 2020

As a local arts nonprofit, we are very aware of and grateful for the impact art has on individuals, communities, and the world around us. Art can be an expression of pain, it can be a collective healing, and it can be a battle cry.  In the last few weeks it has felt like all three.

In the face of current events, and in the shadow of centuries of unspeakable violence against our Black communities, it feels impossible to know what to say.  But this much is clear: Black lives matter, structural and individual racism is a plague in this nation and must be ended by the people who benefit from and perpetuate it, and immediate action must be taken to ensure justice.  

These actions will take many unique forms, and our PFLC board is working on what that will look like for our choir.  Some first steps will be:

  • Working with our Social Justice and Inclusion Committee to examine the ways in which white supremacy shows up in our organization

  • Donating to Juxtaposition Arts, a North Minneapolis-based art and design center for young urban artists that has been making Minneapolis’ creative economy more equitable for the last 25 years

  • Encouraging our fans to reroute any donations they might have given to our organization to Juxtaposition Arts instead

To be successful, this work must be authentic, consistent, and continual.  We look forward to doing the work with you.

Check out our website for the latest details on all our activities or keep track of our doings on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. We miss you and hope you are well!

Prairie Fire Lady Choir