Current Members

We like to sing. But that’s not all we do. PFLC members represent a broad spectrum of identities, professions, and talents, of which we’re awfully proud. Here’s a sampling of what makes us unique as individuals—and mighty as a group.

We work hard. We are Peace Corps volunteers. We are social workers and lunch ladies. We help people with serious mental illnesses and special needs. We work to eliminate health disparities and racism. We volunteer at our local high schools. We have a lot of student debt.

We are musical. We play the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, banjo, cello, violin, ukulele and accordion. We are learning to play the piano. We perform in barbershop quartets, jug bands, and the Minnesota Chorale. We sing in bands. We also manage them.

We love and support one other. We are single. We are married. We are lesbians. We are cat ladies. We are socialists and semi-pagans. We are Ojibwe. We groom dogs and tend backyard chickens and grow gardens. We deliver babies. We give birth to babies. We raise babies (and bring them to rehearsal when necessary).

We are fighters. We are Army Vets. We have survived chemotherapy, child sexual abuse, and gastric bypass surgery. We have clinical OCD. We are forest rangers. We commute by bike and run marathons. We are college athletes. We row crew past the age of 50. We play Ultimate. We are learning to cross-country ski.

We are artistic. We write memoirs, poetry, and songs. We produce radio and do improv. We love tattoos. We love theater. We are shy. We build props, make jewelry, and apply special effects makeup. We are audio engineers. We are potters and extreme crafters. We make art professionally.

We are one-of-a-kind. We brew beer. We can hold a headstand for several minutes. We used to work in a pickle factory. We have jumped out of airplanes and lived on many continents and biked solo across Canada. We invented the zombie pub crawl. We skate in roller derbies.

Holly Amaya, Tawnya Artisst, Molly Beahen, Molly Bloom, Jen Broden, Merrilee Brown*, Sarah Callahan, Marijke Decuir, Leah Drury, Erica Edwardson, Brenna Everson, Ellen Farnham, Janna Fitzgerald, Kristina Fjellman, Gretchen Gallagher Weinstein*, Kara Greshwalk, Dani Hans, Klair Hans, Catherine Hastings, Lisa Heyman*, Lizzy Hinman, Kelley Hinze-Francis, Claudia Holt, Kinzy Janssen*, Kate Johnson, Alissa Jones, Valerie Kahler, Karla Kapaun, Fiona Kelly, Nicole Kitzhaber, Steph Kitzhaber, Amber Larson*, Laura Lindsay*, Heidi McFadyen*, Caly McMorrow, Anna Miller, Emily Murphy, Keelin Nave, Sheena Nelson, Nichole Pelerine, Christina Perfetti, Anna Raudenbush, Katie Reed, Nora Riemenschneider*, Erin Rohne, Annette Schiebout, Annie Schiferl, Jori Shore, Byrd Shuler, Laura Sleck, McKenna Stackhouse, Amy Stomberg, Haley Van Cleve, Laura Vance, Heidi VanDixhorn, Erin Walsh, Ashley Webb, Amy Wilkerson, Alyson Wise, Kelly Wolford*
*Indicates Red Hot Coals Leadership Member
Photos by Anna Grinets